Selfconfigurating Webserver


Reading this means you are running Server2Go successfully. Your installed version supports the following software:
  • Microsoft-IIS/10.0
  • SQLite 2
  • If you need another version of Server2Go(i.e. with MySQL or a different Apache-Version) you can get it under

    Main Features


    Server2Go is Donationware. That means you can download and use it for free and you don't have to pay any royalty charges when distribute an application on CD-ROM that uses Server2Go. But if you use it commercially or just want to say "thank you" you should donate to the project. How to donate? Just take a look at the donation page. There are a lot of inexpensive possibilities to help.

    Every donator is getting a user id and password with that he can download additional software that is not public available. Take a look at .the Server2Go download page for more information about the VIP downloads

    Samples PHP

    PHP Informations
    GD-Lib Test
    SQLite Test
    MySQL Test (MySQL not installed)

    Samples Perl

    Environment Variables (Perl not installed)


    MySQL: phpMyAdmin


    License: Donationware
    Make a donation


    Forum: Forum
    Wiki: Dokumentation & Tutorials
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